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Drawing is an art in itself. It is also the foundation of the art of painting. It is worth pursuing in it's own right, and as an absolutely necessary prerequisite to painting. At the Ryder Studio drawing is a focused study of shape, movement, form and light. The style is articulate, incorporating a refined approach to line and shading. 


I. We begin the basic drawing method with a large shape, which in the case of the full figure we call the ‘envelope’. 

II. From there we proceed to the ‘block-in’, which in its early stages is a rough approximation of the shape of the figure as we see it. 

III. Gradually we adjust and refine the block-in. 

IV. Meanwhile, so that our drawing will possess a feeling of living energy, we pay attention to the gestural action of the model. This we perceive in a system of internal movement curves. 

V. As the process of refinement continues, we replace the lines of the block-in with the contour, which is a more exact rendition of the outline of the model. The contour expresses the fluid continuity and fullness of the forms of the surface of the model. 

VI. Along with this, within the confines of the contour, we start to lightly map the shapes of shadows and other effects of light and shade. 

VII. Then we proceed to more and more definite shading, pushing the shadows darker and elaborating the subtle fabric of light and shade throughout the figure. 

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